Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Truth About Minx Nails

So... the thing is, that I have a really hard time selling stuff.

I have to be 120% convinced of everything I say in order to sell something.

So I didn't jump on the MINX bandwagon when it first rolled through town a few years ago. The stuff just didn't seem all that interesting at the time.

Then a buddy of mine who does nails in Houston, TX jumped on that same bandwagon and she can market socks to snakes if she needed to! So Athena start telling everyone over at the Nailtech Mailing List how AWESOME Minx Nails are and how much she's lovin them and how popular they are in her neck of the woods!

So Athena is so into the Minx game that she gets all her colleagues on the networking list all fired up too! So a ton of us start reconsidering our initial thoughts on the product and we run out and invest in the stuff.

So here I am, with about a hundred sheets of Minx and a shiny new heat lamp sitting at my station, waiting for the world to beat a path to my door for this hot hot hot new trend.

Except-- I have the dangedest time selling the stuff. Even to people who call me specifically asking for it!

For one thing, Minx is more of a retail item than a service. Sure, I have to apply it, but I don't create it like I do acrylic or gel enhancements.

For another thing, it's really hard to describe what it is. So I see a lot of confusion in people who have seen it on tv or the internet. A lot of people think it's some sort of revolutionary new enhancement product that is a going to be a great alternative to acrylics; which it is so not.

And it's pricey. It costs me an arm and a leg for each sheet, once I factor in the time and skill required to apply it, it's the same as getting a full set of acrylic nails. But it rarely lasts as long.

And that is where my love for Minx breaks down.

I just can't justify spending the same amount of money on something that will last a week as for something that will last 3 weeks.

Visalia does not have a hoppin club scene. This ain't Hollywood. It's not Miami. It's not Houston. I can totally see how a more ubanized area would have a higher demand for this type of product. If I was headed out to the clubs on the weekend and needed the ultimate look for my nails to match my outfit, I'd be all over Minx.

I think Minx is perfect for proms and special occassions where you want to sport an awesome look for your nails without the commitment to enhancements.

I'm so not going to tell anyone that they don't want Minx! I just want my clients and potential clients to know exactly what it is! I HATE seeing dissappointment in a client's face, and I hate taking the fall for a disappointing product-- like I'm screwing someone over because they thought they were getting something different from what they asked for. So here's the scoop:

Minx is a sticker. That is the absolute most basic, plainest language description I can give you. It's just a vinyl sticker. It's pre-cut into a nail shape and there are 9 or 10 sizes on each sheet. They get put under a heat lamp and warmed up to soften the vinyl so that it can be stretched and molded to the contours of a nail. Once it's pressed down on the nail and carefully fit around the cuticle area and into the sidewalls we let it cool off for a little bit.

Then I use a very fine file to gently file off the excess vinyl at the free edge. Yes. This takes skill. It has to be done very carefully so the vinyl doesn't shrink back from the free edge. It has to be done just right so the vinyl doesn't fray where you file it.

It stays on the nails about a week. If you're really good at not playing with it, then it could last longer, but most people end up picking at the edges and once it starts to lift up on an edge it'll just peel right off. On the toes, however, it lasts forever! I LOVE Minx for toes!

One thing that Minx has going for it is that it's the only way to get a true chrome effect on your nails! No polish, paint, or Rockstar glitter has quite the same effect as Minx. It really is cool looking, there's no denying that much!

So if Minx is what you want, then I'll be more than thrilled to book that appointment for you! I just want to make sure you know what it is before you're sitting in front of me saying, "Oh, that's all it is?"

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  1. wow...i appreciate the 1st REAL explanation of minx..i like u, didnt jump on the bandwagon when it first came out & even when many were asking for it..was not something that attracted me & i didnt understand what the big deal was..but i like that u said it is beautiful on the toes because that is what will make me try it & that it lasts 4ever on the toes..I do handpainted designs & i felt that my designs were more creative than the minx sheets. Great article tho!