Monday, February 18, 2013

New Nails

I never said THIS nail lady won't do duckfoot nails!

This set was done on tips (I usually sculpt on forms) but I found these tips and really wanted to try them out.

These are clear, opalescent mylar flake and gold foil on the ring fingers.
Almond shaped nails with gel polish and hand painted leopard print.

 Fun, super blingy rockstar nails with a black French tip.

Pretty simple rockstar nails but with lots of 3D nail art; heart, strawberries, flowers-- all sculpted by hand directly onto the nails, NO pre-made doo-dads.

Kinda Kawaii style (Japanese for "cute," this nail art style has quite a following!)

These are super blingy. The photo came out great, but doesn't show half the shine!Rockstar gel nails with lots of rhinestones. She wore this on her Hawaiian cruise and swears that at least 100 people stopped her to ask about them.
Rockstar nails with 3D Hello Kitty and bow. Yup, I sculpted that Kitty directly onto the nail.