Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Training in Progress-- Help Us Out!

 It often comes as a terrible shock to the general public-- but Beauty School ALMOST NEVER actually teaches us to do any of the techniques and services that we will perform on a daily basis as Salon Professionals.

It's a total crock, and I have vehement, out-spoken, and (surprise, surprise) controversial opinions on the state of cosmetology programs and state licensing programs.

Never the less-- in order to legally work in a salon and charge for services, one must successfully complete a program in beauty school and then pass both a written and practical State Board examination in order to obtain a State issued license.

All this means for us-- you, the Client and me, the Salon Owner-- is that newly licensed professionals are often underskilled:

A newly licensed professional usually takes considerably longer to perform services-- partly because they are trying very hard.

Partly because they lack the muscle memory built from repetitious movements from hundreds of services.

Partly because they are still trying to remember each step along the way, are still creating their routine, and are still very nervous about making sure their client is satisfied.

Here at the Art of Nailz, we have been expanding our staff  and we have been working very hard to develop a training program for our new techs that will help build their skills, confidence, and speed.

What we need now are a few models with open schedules who are able to come in and sit for practice services as the next step in that training program.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Maggie via email at and let me know what your availability is, as well as what type of services you are willing to participate in: for example-- acrylic, gel, natural nails only, pedicures, rockstar toes, etc.

Remember-- this is part of a training program and all services will be performed by trainees.*

*Trainees are licensed, professional nail technicians and/or cosmetologists.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Some Overdue Photos

We're way overdue for showing off some of what we've been up to!
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Nautical theme on coffin shape by Sheshe

Pearls and roses on nude by Maggie

Paisley on teal by Sheshe

Mixing it up with stripes and rockstar over pink by Maggie

A little hand painted accent with glitter and peach by Maggie

"Don't Bosa Nova Me Around" with some polka dots and glitter by Sheshe

"For Audrey" by China Glaze with a little glitter by Maggie

Colorful mylar with Fleur De Lis by Maggie

Rockstar with Rhinestones by Sheshe

Color acrylic with handpainted detail work and rhinestones by Maggie