Thursday, October 24, 2013

Important Notice about Online Booking

New regulations require written permission for businesses to send text messages to their customers.

In this case-- I am the business and you are the customer. Which means, when you create your profile for the online booking system, YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE LITTLE BOX that gives the system permission to send you text message reminders.

It also means that you have to choose what sort of phone number you are including. The system can't send you a text message if it doesn't know it has your cell number.

These regulations are still fairly new, but I have had several new clients book online since they went into effect who are not filling out this information.

Consequently, I have had a few new clients who haven't "remembered" their appointments and then tell me they didn't get a reminder.

1. It is your responsibility to remember your commitments. Regardless of whether or not you receive any sort of reminder. So when you make an appointment-- with me or anyone/anywhere else-- put it in your calendar.

2. Please be sure you have completed the online form so that the system that does my booking IS ABLE to contact you, including agreeing to receive text messages. If you did not click that box, I will not click it for you, only you can give permission to receive text messages.

3. If this continues to be a problem that results in no shows which, obviously, prevent me from performing services and making a living, I will disable online booking. Which really sucks, because it's been very popular.