Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A new website?

I have had my professional website hosted by Lycos since the 1900's. I love that I can access it anytime, anywhere and that I don't have to pay someone else to build and maintain my site for me: someone who doesn't know, care, or understand my business or give a rat's ass about it. I love that I can just bust into the site and rearrange and update whenever I need to, instead of sending off the edits I want to aforementioned "doesn't give a rat's ass" guy so I can wait for him to get around to updating my site for me-- and then bill me for however many hour he claims to have spent on the task.

Yeah... I might be a tad bit of a control freak. But then again, I think it only makes sense to exert a little control over your own business.

At any rate, after almost 13 years, the Internet has really grown up. I'm actually still quite fond of my host site over at Lycos and I'm not exactly ready to pull the plug on my website there. But since Blogger/Blogspot (what IS this place called, anyway?) has given me the option of adding static pages to a blog which essentially gives me the option to tie in all the same info from my website with a blog, I thought I'd give it a try and see if it turns out to be a good fit or not.

So here ya go: This is now the official Art of Nailz blog and quasi-website. Super easy to manage and maintain.

My original "Fish With a Bicycle" is still here too, but I'll be transplanting several of the nail-related posts from there to here for the benefit of those who wander search engines in desperate search of answers to nail-related questions.

For the time being, I'm going to leave my URLs (artofnailz dot everything and nailsbymaggie dot everything) forwarded to the original site, so if you've come this far and are still wondering what I'm talking about: check out, compare the two sites and then let me know which one you like better and why.

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  1. Managing a business website can really be demanding sometimes, that’s why most people ask help from the professionals. But this is not always the case for everyone; sometimes, the owner is more at ease to manage their online site – just like what you experience. The advantages are you’re more hands-on with your business and you will be able to do the changes you wanted anytime you want. Anyway, nail art is what every girl is craving nowadays. There’s no doubt that your business is doing great up to now. ;-)

    Frida Stanton