Saturday, August 29, 2020


 Well guys, I just got an email from the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology here in California that read in a sing-songy sort of manner that they're so excited to let us know that salons will be able to reopen as of August 31st....


Not us! 

Nope. Tulare County remains in "Tier 1" which basically means people keep getting sick and dying in our county at a higher rate than other counties so nail salons can still only continue to operate outdoors.'s late summer now. You can kinda smell fall creeping in around the edges. Pumpkin Spice is back at Starbucks (All hail the pumpkin spice gods! ...yes, I'm a founding member of that cult, thank you,) the June bugs are long since gone, and the evenings are cooling off enough to be downright pleasant.

It would be entirely feasible to wheel the nail desk out onto the sidewalk after about 6 PM these days. Except for the lacewings-- those things are still a nuisance.

Except now we have the additonal issue of smoke from the entire state being on fire! 

And I'm still unclear on the City's tolerance for salon services being done outdoors on City property? I don't see any other nail techs in town out on the streets. 

The hard truth of the matter is that, for the time being, I have, once again, stepped away from the salon business. 

It was a rough decision that was made after too many sleepless nights worrying about the financial impact of the continued closure, too many frustrating internet searches trying to stay up to date with whether or not we'd be able to reopen, too many concerns about the rising numbers of serious cases of COVID-19 in the county and access to information about how those cases affected local hospitals. 

It was a rough decision that came upon discovering that I am facing some unexpected health concerns that put me in a far higher risk category than I'd suspected.

It was a rough decision that came after heartbreaking evidence that people in my community would rather risk my life than take simple precautions against spreading disease. 

I mean...really

But then, many of you have heard me say for years that the real reason so many people want a zombie apocalypse is that-- deep down-- we really just want to kill our neighbors. I just didn't realize how spot on I was! 

Anyway...I thought I'd just go ahead and slip in a little of that old sarcastic, pot-stirring Maggie I'm famous for. I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone. 😏

Once again, the Art of Nailz site will continue to exist and with luck, I'll be updating it soon with good news and glitter. 

Until then-- stay safe. Don't kill your neighbors. Don't let your neighbors kill you. Be kind. 

And don't get too good at doing your own nails! 

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