Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Think I'm In Love (with Hybrid Gels)

Polygel extensions sculpted on forms in a variety of colors.
They come in a variety of names: "Polygel," "Acrygel," "Hybrid Nails," and all of the names are a little misleading when it comes to the true chemistry involved with the products.

For Nail Nerds like me-- that can trigger a nervous twitch.

But the companies that are making them call them what they call them and I'm kinda stuck with that.

No matter what they're called-- these high viscosity sculpting gels are my new favorite toy!

I'm still experimenting with the variety of brands and colors available before choosing a favorite, but so far these things have stood up to some abuse.

They can be sculpted very thin-- or not so thin-- to meet your needs.

They're lightweight, more flexible than acrylic and stronger than thinner gel products.

They're also odorless and less dusty to file than other products.

They aren't officially on the service menu yet, since I'm still in testing mode, but if you want to give them a try, shoot me a message (559-640-7319) and let me know!

Text me: (559)640-7319

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