If not forever, at least forever in Visalia, Califorina
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Thank you to everyone for 25 years of awesome!

I've left the website essentially untouched since closing the salon.
The Art of Nailz closed on March 23, 2017
View from the Salon

Welcome to the Art of Nailz

Visalia's historic Bank Building

Located in the historic Bank of the Sierra building in downtown Visalia, California, the Art of Nailz is a nails-only establishment featuring the artistry of world-reknown nail artist Maggie Franklin.

Situated on the the 4th floor, the Art of Nailz boasts an impressive view of downtown Visalia, the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range, and many of downtown Visalia's local events such as the Thursday night Farmer's Market, Blues, Brews & Bar-b-ques, the annual Waiter's Race, and the Christmas parade.

With over 20 years experience as a professional nail artist, Maggie has the skills you're looking for to provide you with nails that you love, whether you prefer the clean, classic look of a French manicure, or the avante-garde style of today's most cutting edge fashions.

Maggie at Nailpro Sacramento 2009

Maggie has spent the last 2 decades participating in professional nail industry events, competitions, and networking groups. You can trust that her products, techniques, and knowledge are the most current and highest quality available.

Be sure to visit the gallery link to view pictures of Maggie's most recent creations as well as several photos going back to the early 1990s.

Maggie LOVES doing special occassion nails for prom/winter formal; weddings, quiinceaneras, and other events that require matching your nails to your dress or theme!
Inside the Art of Nailz

 Maggie has been doing nails a long time: it can be difficult to secure the ideal appointment time without advance notice, and downright impossible to get in the same day.

-- Appointments after 5 p.m. are in especially high demand, wait time for these times can be several months, but you may choose to have your name added to the cancellation list.

The salon itself not only boasts the best location in the city, but also provides an intimate setting for one-on-one services so you can relax and enjoy the quirky conversations that Maggie is famous for.

The Art of Nailz is strictly a "grown-up zone" -- please arrange for childcare when visiting the salon.

Other characters you'll encounter during your visits include:

"Mom" -- Maggie's mother, Ginny, licensed nail technician & certified massage therapist who worked side by side with Maggie for several years before health issues forced her into reluctant retirement. Mom now visits the salon on a regular basis just to keep us all entertained!

Cindy -- Certified Massage Therapist located in Suite 410. Cindy often pops in to steal coffee or chocolate throughout the day and to say impulsive and hilarious things that keep us all in stitches.

Breanna -- Owner and Lead Stylist at Color Me This Hair Studio directly across the hall in Suite 416

Steve -- Well, we're not exactly sure what Steve does but you'll often see him sneaking in to steal candy or ice. 

Maggie, with just SOME of her glitter.

This salon is rated M for mature due to strong language, sexual themes, controversial opinion, and general inappropriateness.



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